“Penny took care of my dog for several days and I was extremely happy with the care that Sadie got from Penny. Walks, playtime and loving attention... Sadie often does not eat when I am gone, but she did for Penny!! Excellent service and reasonably priced. ” — Connie J.
I would recommend Raven's Wing Pet Care to anyone. The minute Penny walks in the door, my dog gets excited. She is genuinely happy to see her. Penny has a way with animals that I have not witnessed before. She seems to just know exactly what an animal needs and when. I never worry about having to travel knowing that Raven's Wing will be there to care for my dog! — Jodi
Raven's Wing Pet Care, St. Paul Area, Minnesota
Phone: 651.793.9660 • Email: info@ravenswingpetcare.com
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